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Thread: Driven deer?

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    Driven deer?

    I still need to take another couple of roe does from a local farm,

    there is a huge forestry wood running along the side of a golf course.

    I have access to the golf course but the wood is a no go,

    I have previously gone first light or last light to avoid golfers.

    this saturday however there is a roost shoot in the woods locally, so I was thinking, should I take the oppertunity to cull the deer after the pigeon shooters move them out of the wood, they should cross to a spinny where they often go I was hoping to tip the balence in my favour.

    what do the panel think?
    or should I forget it and shoot another day as I can always go pigeon shooting in the woods.

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    If you can shoot the deer legally on your own ground in safety do so .


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    Just bag a Golfer, leave the Roe till its decent to do so ,I wouldn't want an audience, Bad shoot it and your name will be mud.There is still enough season to achieve your goal.Do it quietly without audience, job done.

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    I was in my wood a few weeks ago when a shoot in a neighboring wood started shooting. A doe came steaming past me and didnt stop. In hindsight if I had known they were going to be shooting I could have used it to my advantage. It makes sense for you to use this disturbance to help you. At the very least you will observe some behaviour that may be of value in the future.

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