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Thread: NEW ZEISS Victory Varipoint 1.5-6x42 T* 30mm tube ret 40 ir

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    NEW ZEISS Victory Varipoint 1.5-6x42 T* 30mm tube ret 40 ir

    Back for sale as buyer now say's he can not afford it

    why do so many people on here tell you they want your item then tell you they can not afford it on the day they are going to pay for it.

    reticule is a illuminated 60 not 40 as stated, on the Zeiss site they look exactly the same, easy mistake to make.

    oh well time to stick it on the Bay then

    for sale is my unused unmounted and unmarked Zeiss Varipoint 1.5-6x42 T*, it is 30 mm tube has an illuminated dot in the cross hairs,the 40 reticule, lens covers.

    this is a fantastic low light close or long range rile scope and a professional bit of kit, well all shooters know the Zeiss brand scopes,

    this has all the usual Zeiss goodies including the new Lotutec lens coatings.

    the illuminated ret is turned on by pulling out the side dial and the dial increases decreases the brightness.

    the retail on these is now over 1500

    grab a real bargain.

    900.00 posted rmsd,

    bank transfer prefered method(quick easy and safe), cash on collection, personal cheque(funds must clear).

    cheers paul
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