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Thread: 27-05-97

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    That was the date I shot my first deer. How many of you can remember your first?

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    20-02-2008 at 11:25 am. It was a Fallow Buck shot with a Remington in 6.5x55 using a 140 grain bullet. I could even bring you to the exact spot where I shot it from.

    It is someting I will never forget.

    I only wish I could remember my G.F's birthday as well as my first deer, but after this year I will always remember not to forget.
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    Remember them vividly, three with three shots on my sisters land. The date however eludes me!

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    01 03
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    26th September 1989 about 230pm, lovely sunny day, even took my coat off for the final crawl!
    South West side of Cnoc Breac at NM 38570 46688

    Paced out at about 95yds, slightly uphill, neck shot stag lying with its head up looking down hill to my left.
    .270 130gn Norma SP through my Father's Caledonian rifle with 4x32 Nikko Sterling Gold Crown Scope........still use the same rifle and scope!

    Whilst taking aim a hare walked into the line of fire about 10yds away! nearly blew the whole thing.
    Old beast with a wide pale head of 11 points......and on closer inspection one more tine that had broken off right at the base........
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    1979 not got a clue what month or even if the deer was in season no such thing as best practice then lol

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    I remember it well, my old man and i went to stay with the stalker so we could get an early start, it was the 1998 Australian GP in the wee hours of that morning.. As a keen 13 year old i went to bed early to prepare for the early start.. when i got up at o-dark diddly squat, i went into the living room to find two very sluggish men and two empty bottles of whisky! The tried fobbing me off and saying we would go some other time but i dragged them out of the house to go stalking.. (probably not sensible seeing as they had a bottle of scotch each!) Anyways, we ended up with 2 roe for the morning, both of which were shot when i was told to stalk on ahead while they had a fag break!

    8th of March 1998. Just realised that was 14 years ago! How time flies!

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    5th November 2010 in yorkshire with John Robson on a pm stalk. I will never forget how good the liver tasted that night when i got home.

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    22nd November 2003 at 08:30 in the morning.

    It was also the day and time that England won the Rugby World Cup and believe me for a Scotsman that is not something I want to remember!

    It was a mature roe doe which came out of trees barking at me as it crossed a wide open scree slope to get to the other tree line. She made the mistake of stopping short and turning round to bark some more at me. Went down like a sack of potatoes with just a couple of kicks in the air.

    It took a while before the adrenalin stopped pumping and I was able to hold the knife without shaking to complete the gralloch. Although I had been out about 10 times previously (without success) with my experienced buddy on this occassion I was on my own so the gralloch was daunting but completed successfully without any problems.

    So this will always be remembered as not only my first deer but my first gralloch and butchery, all on my own and all from what I had gleaned from Richard Prior's book on Roe Deer Management!


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    9/11/2009 at about 11.30 red hind, first of 3 that day
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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