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Thread: flattened earth ,sleeping deer ?

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    flattened earth ,sleeping deer ?

    just in from an uneventfull mooch about my permission, i came across 3 seperate areas where on bare earth the ground was flattened as if a large animal had been lying down, there were about 5 feet into the ride away from the trees , no tracks or droppings, whats your thoughts ?
    brian , ps didnt have the camera with me

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    Yes i would say its where the deer are lying up !

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    ive never seen this before (novice)

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    i see it a lot around my way mainly Roe

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    i may be wrong but i believe this is a couch not uncommon u will prob notice them all the time now you have noticed them

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    would this be for roe ? ive roe , red n sika on my patch

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    i only stalk roe so can only answer for what i know .i know roe leave this clear(couch)area i usually find them in good thick cover to give protection from elements or on elevated ground usually somewhere that gets good amount of sun and allows deer to see hear any predators approach but i cant see why this would be any different for other species

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    thanks guys , learned something new today

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    all deer "couch" lookk for hair in the couch o give you some idea of species, as well as size.

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