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Thread: rimfire moderator

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    rimfire moderator

    hello all was wondering here if anyone had any experience of the ase rimfire mod if so how did you find it and how does it measure up against its competitors

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    It's a good mod but quite expensive won't do anything a Parker hale won't.
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    35 for a SAK more than worth it.

    Light,compact and silent with subs in the open air.

    So dont waste your money!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    35 for a SAK more than worth it.

    Light,compact and silent with subs in the open air.

    So dont waste your money!!
    I completely agree with Pete I have 2 one on my .22 and on my 17hmr. Excellent value for money.

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    Heavier than most, but slim and longer than most , it is the quietest mod I have used on a .22lr with subs bar none.
    I would happily use one again, and much prefer it to the Sac I am using at the moment.


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    If using the Ase on 17HMR you need to clean it regularly as its a filthy round. Leave it too long before you open it up and you'll have trouble removing the alloy baffles. Can be a bugger to replace them but easier with practise. I have no faith in the "soak it in WD40 and blow it out with an airline" school of thought. Reduces the god-awful crack of an unsilenced 17HMR considerably though.Have'nt tried it on .22

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    SAC for me.
    Efficient and at the right price

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    wouldnt bother to much on a .22 if being honest, i did have one on my HMR though and it was very good , as mentioned heavy though , had a fair selection of mods and on a HMR it was probably the best for noise reduction, not the best looking though , that was a LEI

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    Bruce Potts did a rimmy moderator review in ST google it otherwise I might be able to PDF a copy.


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    Parker hale for me .... Cheap silent & I like the thin slightly longer look than others


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