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Thread: setting up S&B scope

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    setting up S&B scope

    Went to set up a second hand S&B 4x12x42 on some high luepold rings on my parker hale 243.

    The scope was true center, however at maximum lower was 3 inch high.

    I have heard there is a way to release the dial to go down again - or any other thoughts welcome, link to a video etc.


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    If you can, try swapping the rings round, but I doubt that will make much difference. A photo of your set-up would be helpful. I think you might need to put a shim under the tube in one of the rings. Good luck. JCS

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    Will a set of lower mounts work with your rifle or is there a specific reason for using a set of high mounts? Never heard of there being additional adjustment below max on S&B scopes but I would be happy to be corrected if there is?

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Cheers for the replies guys, there has been mention of a screw - presumably the one on the dial alters to allow further adjustment

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    Nah that's just for removing the top of the turret. Can you fit lower mounts? As JC suggested, try slipping a thin packer or shim under the tube in the rear ring, see if that helps, build up the packers until you have enough adjustment. Could need to be the front ring, but try and see which works.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Try swapping the rings, frint to rear, they may be inclined for long range work.

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    As others have mentioned, try and get a set of lower mounts a 42mm objective should not require high mounts. Also the amount of adjustment on the higher mag scopes decreases you may only have +/- 50cm at 100m so setting your rings up becomes more critical as no one like to have their scope set up at the limit of adjustment.

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    Bear in mind using shims may put a crimp into the scope body tube.

    Something is not right with the mount set up to cause this. I wonder if they are the correct rings and bases for the P-H. Leupold do various set ups for the various Mauser 98 clones.

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    Took the PH dove tails off to fit the rings, the scope fits like a glove and bolt only clears it. The rings can't be swapped, as the windage ring goes to the back, and it is not interchangeable.

    Appreciate all the efforts, I will take to gun shop for a butchers

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    Thanks for the update. A photo of your set-up would still be appreciated. Good luck. JCS

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