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Thread: shaking with fear /anger ?

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    shaking with fear /anger ?

    just a short version of a stalk yesterday eve ,mate and i put a seat in a small wood all went well secured ,trimmed ect and made our way to the big wood me in it, mate on hedgerow to intercept ,stalked to seat and a very large munty under seat no shot on in the end as he moved into the undergrowth .
    got in seat and saw several munty moving about ,then a man with a dog came off the footpath and made into the wood his spanial crashing about arhhh. as he got to my ride i stood up on the seat and waved him out of the wood which he obliged by going out ,well done i thought .anyway another decent munty came out at the far end of the ride i shot it and it jolted into the wood, after 10 mins i saw a fox with his ears down running my way .
    you guessed it my man and dog appeared on the ride exact spot i shot the deer ,i unloaded and shouted for him to stay there, bit angry i have to admit at this point ,i asked him what he was upto bearing in mind i had waved him out the wood earlier ,sheepishly he was just walking his dog **** .anyway i was shaking as i realized he was on the spot where i shot the deer i showed him a bullet ....6.5 and explained that these exit the deer after they hit them and how i didnt want to explain to his family /police how after a shot at a deer he was injured ect .
    he apologised and left the wood hopefully never to return, i was trembling with ?fear, anger, nerves dont know but the signs are going to have to go up now !

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    Yes it is anoying ! You have to be very careful not to be agressive when in possesion of a firearm when the public are about!! He could go to plod and say you theatened him then you life goes tits up proving your innocence! It happened near here a few years back to a keeper. We all have to bite our tounge at times and we all have stalks ruined by the public.. The biggest mis understood law is the right to roam!!

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    Norma what are you worried about if the bullet exits and hits him you will get done and you will not be explaining to his family you will be explaining to the cops from a jail sell. Always consider other people they have a right to be in the countryside also no wounder they vote against shooting and hunting every time there is a debate.

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    Expect the unexpected !
    The public can turn up anywhere and you really do not have the right to tell him to get out of the wood unless it is private property with no public rights of way through it.
    Getting angry will not help either.

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    Surely the safe use of your firearm is your responsibilty. You see this man and his dog, in your mind you have waved him out the wood but perhaps he thought you were meaning something different entirely. Perhaps better if you had spoken to him, made him well aware of what you were doing and learned of his intended route with his dog. You shoot a deer. I would assume that the bullet that exited the deer would not have caused harm to anybody in that it would have struck the safe backstop and remained there. Safe backstop you will not have to explain anything to his family/Police etc as it just would not happen.
    IMO it was up to you to ensure that this man had definately departed the area before you took the shot and that there was a save backstop. He would appear to have returned after hearing the shot probably out of curiosity to see if you got anything (that's what some people would do) but the safe use of your firearm is still yours.
    Your view is that he was placing himself in danger, his view is perhaps different.

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    Another reason for good bullet selection. A round that expands well and inparts all its energy in the target will have nothing left if it passes straight through. This will mean that the chances of an injury in the scenario you mention are almost nil.
    I know it is nice to go out with a 308 and shoot anything that presents itself, but where possible match the round to the target. There is far more to round selection that flat shooting.

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    I expect, hope, that when you re-examine your stalk and your run in with the dog walker from a more composed point of view, taken together with the comments above, then you will regret your action. Although I sympathise with you and can understand how you felt, look at it from the dog walkers point of view. If it had been me walking my dog in that wood, and I was entitled to do so, then you appeared and things went as you have described then I don't think my reaction would have been sheepish. I would have been quite keen to point out to you your responsibility in ensuring that it was safe to pull the trigger, asked where your safe backstop was, pointed out that although you were stalking that does not preclude everyone else from enjoying the the outdoors. I'm sure you realise all this but perhaps you should rethink your strategy when meeting other users of the Countryside, it can only be good for for all concerned.
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello Norma.

    I truly sympathise with you. If the guy came off a footpath, and in to a wood which is Private / No Public Access, then you have every right to speak with them, and point out their error, however, if it is a Public Access wood, then you really have no argument - and need to be 110% sure before you take a shot, from a high seat or not.

    Unfortunately, people are very selfish these days, and walk / access places that they should not - despite signs etc, but the onus is still on you. I have had similar run ins, some justified, and some not, but you have to keep your emotions. You can never justify the need to shoot a deer enough to jeopardise safety, even if people really pi$$ you off.

    Good luck in the future.


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    thankyou all for your replies ,i will and have taken all your concerns on board and have dealt with other walkers on two previous occasions in this PRIVATE wood on both occasions i had not fired a shot and did later manage stalks on deer ,so they didnt spoil anything niether did the guy on sun ,it was the SHOCK of him coming out of the bushes /wood onto the ride only i can tell you that was not a pleasant experience .
    once again thankyou ALL for your replies
    safe hunting

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    burger thats very scary,

    i was on a stalk last year when a couple with 2 dogs and 2 kids (boy of 13 girls of 11) walked right past me in the chair about 100 yards to their left. i used a small whistle to attract their attention, so

    i then unloaded and walked to meet them, and the attitude of the woman was simply shocking, i explained that they are on private land and they had no right to be here, could they backtrack to the road and leave the area asap.

    she got all high and mighty posh voice and pinky ring, he was stood in his cords and a pair of wellies saying nothing as his Balls where in her purse, never the less when i mentioned that it would only take 2 mins to call the police she shut up and they went off.

    very very worried all day and when the opportunity turned up i was not sure weather to take the shot or not.

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