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Thread: What to look for when buying 2nd SH sako 75?

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    What to look for when buying 2nd SH sako 75?

    Hi all

    Thinking of getting a second hand Sako 75 varmint in .22-250. I've no doubt Sako is a good make, but is this a good model, anyone got one? What are tell tell signs i should look for when buying a second hand rifle?

    Many thanks John

    Correction it's a m591 not a 75
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    Never buy a 2nd hand 22-250 that hasn't been borescoped.

    There are so many shot out 22-250s out there that my dealer won't touch them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotsgun View Post
    Never buy a 2nd hand 22-250 that hasn't been borescoped.
    With the addition of ' someone who knows what he's looking for, is trustworthy and (preferably) has no vested interest in either selling the rifle or rebarreling it for you.' I agreed entirely!

    On the up side, buying a shot-out one at the right price and having rebarreled might make good economic sense.

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    The m591 sako's are fairly old now. So take a good look down the barrel. Look at the Throat area
    And the rifling. Take a good look at the crown. If that looks dirty and rusty then sods law the mod has been left on the rifle which wont have done the crown any favours
    Atb jay
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    Hi John,

    I'd recommend you get it sent to Neil McKillop (username Dasherman) to be checked out. He will borescope it & give you an honest opinion. If it needs a new barrel he can quote you & he has a good reputation for quality work at a fair price. Plus he's located in your patch.



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    If the barrel is good, its a good rifle. If the barrel has had less than 2000 rounds through it and it has been used with a regular firing pattern (not 100's in succession) and the bore has not been damaged by cleaning the rifle has a lot of life in front of it.

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    I just bought a 591 from a bloke off this site 2 months ago. Mine is the varmint model. It is not the first 591 I have owned but when this one came up fitted with a T8 for 500.

    I never got it bore scoped and bought it because to me the general overall condition of the rifle suggested it had been looked after and had not had a hard life. It was in first class condition.

    I sent it off to Dennis groom who took a couple of inches off the barrel, re-crowned and threaded it and did a bit of work on the trigger. the trigger breakes at just over a pound and is nice and crisp.

    Dennis, and another rifle builder I spoke to both agreed that this is a first class action should you ever have the notion to do some custom work to it. As it has the original wooden stock and although it shoots very accurately as it is, I may well just put a synthetic McMillan on it and have a proper bedding job done.

    What is nice about them is that all the metal work is 'proper' metal if that makes sense? The floor plate, trigger guard and bolt release all are solid pieces of steel and not a flimsy feeling lightweight alloy or plastic like some modern rifles. It makes an 85 Sako I have feel a wee bit cheaper made to be honest...

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    Many thanks for the replies chaps. The M591 I looked at today had seen better days. So instead I got a Remmy 700 Vssf with a macmillan stock on it. It was a good price and looking forward to having a play with it at weekend. Hopefully Mr fox will cooperate!!


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    you cannot buy a new rifle and not post pictures....

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    Lol standby on that, it ill be a few days

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