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Thread: .308 T3 lite with 8x56 swaro

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    .308 T3 lite with 8x56 swaro

    Hi guys,
    (I have cleared this with Admin before anyone says anything)

    A friend of mine has had to give up shooting due to a sudden illness and has asked me to sell his rifles for him. This is 100% genuine and you would be dealing with me at all stages untill the final transfer (at which i would be present).

    He has for sale a Mint condition Tikka T3 lite s/s with a s/s northstar moderator and a Swarovski 8x56 Habicht scope with a 30mm tube and Optilock mounts.
    He bought this gun about 5 years ago and when it was new Mike Norris developed a load for it and supplied 50 loaded rounds. since he has owned it he has only fired 26 of the origional 50 rounds so allowing for some load development you can safely say its only fired 100 rounds maximum. He still has all the origional info that came with it and the thread protector and the box that the scope came in.

    I have had a chat with him this morning and he would like to sell it all together if possible.
    He is asking 1450 for it but i'm sure will do a deal (he has some other bits with it as well)
    The rifle is In shropshire. please PM me if you want any more details.

    Regards, Ezzy

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    Hi there, sounds like a great offer, but trying to not sound to cheeky, whats the best offer you'll think he'll go for??

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    Both rifles now sold.


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