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Thread: Brass life for 308

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    Brass life for 308

    How many shots are you getting out of lapua brass in .308

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    How many shots are you getting out of lapua brass in .308
    I doubt anyone can tell you what YOU can expect. they do not know your rifle, it's chamber dimensions, how you size your cases and how hot you load. Each and every one of those will throw variables into the possible life of you cases.

    They can say what they get in their rifle and with their loads and techniques of loading however that may be little relation to yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    How many shots are you getting out of lapua brass in .308
    I was told by a reliable RFD that 10 times is acceptable for average brass and Lapua is some of the best. However always check your brass everytime you reload and discard anything that doesn't look 100%. But as Brit says - much depends on you, your gun and how you reload



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    I bought 100 Lapua cases when I first started reloading. They are the only cases I used (I have 20 brand new Lapua in my system for a newer Partition load I worked up but they are not mixed with the first 100) but they don't always get an even distribution of use, which is to say some get recycled more often than the others. One load in particular gives me 3000fps from a 150grain Hornady Spire Point and I've shot a lot of these.

    When I started out I bought 1,000 primers and I've used all of them plus a few more. Given this I would say that you should easily get 10 reloads on the Lapua brass and I would say that some of mine must have at least 15 on them. I have had one cracked neck but should highlight that when I started out I had some problems with a neck sizing die so these cases have seen a fair bit of experimentation and, probably, needless resizing. I have now dumped some of the cases that I knew to be on about the same number of cycles as the case with the cracked neck but this was more caution than need and I sectioned one of the cases and saw no sign of any thinning of the brass towards the head.

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    I have been using lapua cases in .308 for the last 2 years, re-loaded them about a dozen times as im still on the first batch of 30, last week had one with hairline split on the neck , checked all the rest they are fine but will be keeping an eye on them

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    thats good,my 25-06 eats brass,lapua dont make them in 25-06,my 30-06 is about the same,that remy brass isnt the best but the cheapest

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    tried some remmington brass few years ago but found they usually last about six re-loads then start to split, but they as cheap as chips and for vermin and foxing pleanty good enough

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    I read an article on and that after annealing his cases he has achieved over 30 reloads IIRC.

    Just found the article -
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    thats good, although i only use .308 for stalking so i dont get through that many but it was a good article

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    lapua guarantee 10 reloads from all its brass take a look at their web site

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