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    Northern FLD

    Credit where credit is due....recently put ceritficate in for renewal, very efficient service from Northern Constabulary, from the police officer who came to the house to the staff in Inverness, just a three week turnaround. Superb.

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    Have nothing but praise for the firearms people at Northern constabulary. Strathclyde could leard a lot from them!

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    I have to agree northern is A+++++ I have had a variation back in a couple of days when picking it up...... I may have left it a little late and had to beg but they pulled out all the stops. would have to say by the sounds of all the rest we have one of the better depts!!!!

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    Just had a renewal took 3 weeks for a cojoined and coterminious, no probs, local copper came in for a cup of tea did his paperwork while on his rounds one evening.
    cant fault Northern, what will be interesting is what happens when the new scottish police force comes into force


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    Hopefully the firearms will go to ex Northern staff, Strathclyde seem to thing anyone who wants a firearm is a drug dealer.

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    Makes a big difference when the Northern boys are shooters themselves they know their s**t

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    Yes it does. There is also a huge rural area and many thousands of firearms users. Where I lived before I moved into Strathclyde, every single house in the glen had forearms. The visit for a renewal was a social occasion, where a good chat and a brew were the order of the day.
    Strathclyde however seems to have their concept of firearms based on firearms usage in Glasgow city center.

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    Would just like to add my tuppence worth of appreciation for Northern Constabulary. Fantastic service delivered without the fuss that other forum users moan about from other forces.Well done to the guys and girls in Inverness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andymarsh View Post
    ........ no probs, local copper came in for a cup of tea .......Andy
    That's a sign of the times, in the past it was a dram they wanted so my father told me!

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