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Thread: CZ 527 Offset Rings, 1 inch

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    CZ 527 Offset Rings, 1 inch

    Hi Chaps
    looking for some CZ 527 Offset Rings, 1 inch or similar to mount a very long 8-32 x 40 Bushnell 4200 scope on a 223 CZ


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    The only ones I have seen were made by Sportsmatch, but just looked on their site and see they no longer offer them.
    I think you may have to use a dovetail adaptor of some sort and then a weaver ring.


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    Mounting a host of 'scopes on the CZ527 can be a real problem because of the tiny action size. There's only a small inter-ring gap so it's difficult to get the right eye-relief. With many 'scopes, particularly the high magnification models, you end up with the eyepiece pushed too far back to avoid fouling the power selector ring. On some fixed models with long eye-relief like the Leupold M8 you can't get a full field of view either.

    Another problem with the fixed-sight CZ Lux or Carbine models can be long 'scopes fouling the rear leafsight, which has to be drifted out of the dovetail base.

    You can't attach a Weaver-type base &ring set up because the bridge and action ring aren't drilled or tapped - CZ's have integral dovetails to avoid this sort of palaver. Even the lowest of the factory ringsets (CZ 'medium') make the mounting height high enough for a 56mm objective, so topping the action with separate blocks/ring set would move the 'scope up into the stratosphere.

    I don't know of any offset mounts for the CZ, but would welcome any news of one. I don't think that the Sportsmatch extended mount has ever been made in CZ form. The only answer I eventually came up was trying different 'scopes for a proper fit until a short eye-relief model from Edgar Bros. gave more or less the right fit..... funny that as they're the CZ importers. You might have to change your plans, and go for a more conventional rig.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    kozak make a weaver adapter rail, that fits to the standard dovetail. Someone was selling one recently -perhaps on the airgunbbs.

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    And the Kozap rail should be available from Edgars.
    My 527 American has had over time the following scopes mounted in the standard CZ rings without a problem.
    Nikon ProStaff, 4x32 and 2-7x32.
    Nikon Monarch 2-5-10x42
    Swarovski 6x42
    S&B 6x42
    And now a Zeiss 2.5-10x50 T* in Warne low 30-mm rings.
    All have had the turrets virtually centred in the ring gap and all have been spot on for eye relief.


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    I have a CZ527, and I have a spare set of Millet 30mm high rings, which I'd be happy to part with or a small fee. I used some Brownell's "scope converter" to mount a 1" tubed scope. This worked fine.

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    Gun Parts Corp of America sell genuine CZ Picatinny style rails for the CZ527 - part number 1291040. Hope this fits the bill.

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