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Thread: problem with .22 cleaning rod

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    problem with .22 cleaning rod

    Hello folks,

    a quick query re. cleaning rods.

    I have a new CZ 455 .22, and cannot get a standard Dewey rod (grey lining, red handle) through it. The rod on its own will go with no patch, but jams with a patch. 3 rounds fired, only expected amount of fouling in the barrel.

    I feel like I'm missing something here - the dealer insisted it was the correct rod for the calibre, but I'm starting to suspect not.

    All thoughts and advice very much appreciated.

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    Are you pushing the patch through, or putting the rod through, fitting the patch and then pulling it through? The two methods require differenst sized patches!

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    Pushing through.

    I think patch size may well be the issue.

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    Use same size patch, but put rod in from muzzle, then attach patch then pull back through.

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    Are you using a bore guide ?
    CZ rimfires have an ejector post that does get in the way, all my plastic coated rods have been ruined by it until I started to use a bore guide.
    It is common on the RFC forum for CZ owners to use a .20 rod for this reason, I never have, I just use a normal .22 rod with a Pro Shot
    spear point type patch pusher and the appropriate size patch (.17/.22 rimfire size) do not use a .22 centrefire patch it will jam.


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    Hornet, is there a difference between a 22RF and CF patch? They are the same calibre so I would have thought the same size patch. I use the same size in both my 22RF and my 223.

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    just use a snake and be done.
    its a .22, they like it dirty!

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    Thanks folks. Appreciated. Bore guide on order.

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    Mungo, Try VFG cleaning plugs with rod adapter of course?
    Agree with Bewsher, mine likes it dirty too can't remember when it was last cleaned properly, not used competitively on targets though because that's a different game entirely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Thanks folks. Appreciated. Bore guide on order.
    No. No. As beshwer500 said, they like it dirty. Pull a bore snake through it every once in a while, otherwise, leave it be. I've had hundreds of .22's in my life- I still have a couple of dozen, give or take- and the ones that were the worst shooter were the ones that got the regularly administered, "loving ministrations" of a cleaning rod by well intentioned previous owners. My Brno #2 hasn't been cleaned since I bought 2nd hand it last May. We cut playing cards at 25M for off hand practice and the rifle never fails to perform. I fire 100 to 600 rounds a week through it.

    No...Keep your Dewey Rod as far away from that CZ as humanly possible.~Muir
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