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Thread: 20 hour trail with GWP

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    20 hour trail with GWP

    Just a quick post to say that I've never done much on old trails with my 5 year old GWP, he's with me all the time whilst stalking so it would be very rare for him to have to follow a trail more than an hour old-he's mostly there for pointing unshot deer and a confidence booster for when you have a guest out who you've not seen shoot a deer before. A friend off here shot a roe doe last night which ran into a wood and his dog wasn't interested in the trail for some reason, no problem as he tracked it by the blood trail in the torch and found it dead so no worries, the shot had gone slightly low on a quartering deer. He rang me today to ask if I wanted the practice for my dog as the trail was nearing 100m in woodland and 20 hours old, I went up there, put him on at the strike spot and he took me straight to the end of the trail on a long lead flat out without the wind and in poor scenting conditions with no problems at all, nothing too amazing for all the people who use the continental methods of training on old trails but I was happy as it gives me even more confidence in a dog I already wouldn't be without, .

    Here he is with a couple of munties:

    And a couple of Roe:

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    nice one Ben cracking result with your dog hes coming along very well indeed
    I see a future mating coming along
    really good photos of him with the deer as well regards pete

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    Well done you've got a cracking looking dog and great worker by the sound of things, keep up the good work

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    Lovely looking dog. Sounds like he's very good at his job too.

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    20 hour trail with GWP

    Would like to download picture to put on deerdog display on my stand at the Gamekeepers Fair.
    is that Ok?

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    That's a real good dog you have there Ben, and a good looking dog at that with a nice easy going nature. If you do allow Pete's bitch to have her wicked way with him I would certainly think seriously about buying one of the offspring.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Cracking looking dog.

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    Thanks for the positive replies everyone, he's a cracking dog and so laid back, unlike a lot of GWPs you see, he's not phased by anything, he certainly opens your eyes to a new dimension of stalking if you've never seen one work before. Help yourself Kit, you've already got one of him carrying a fox. Got a few more if you'd like them sending over?

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    Well Done Ben, Its a very rewarding feeling when your dog is required to track. Especially when the clients haven't seen it before.

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    20 hour trail

    Hi Ben

    Thought I'd seen him before.
    Send some more over.
    Most customers love the fox carrying one

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