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Thread: Complete kit list?

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    Complete kit list?

    Hi guys

    Im getting my kit next week - and the list I have compiled is huge!

    In your valued opinions is there anything ive missed, or anything I should leave out? - please tell me something to leave out otherwise i'll go bankrupt!!!

    Flip up covers
    Mod cover
    Gun Slip
    Shooting sticks
    Carcass tray for the car
    Rifle cleaning kit
    Optics cleaning kit
    Roe sack
    Lee Anniversary Kit
    Lee Zip trim
    Length gage and shell holder
    Die set
    Electronic scales

    What started as a rifle, scope and mod has suddenly become the shopping list from hell!

    I know I can leave some of the kit for later, but figure I will need it so might as well get it all now - unless you tell me different.



    ps - how excited am I!

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    Jeez - I feel inadequate!!

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    Funny, it makes me hanker for the days when I had a rifle with a scope and that was it!

    You'll need a good knife. A Frosts Clipper will do the job, is cheap as chips and very easy to keep a razor edge on.

    Oh, and have fun choosing! There'll be some impoverished retailer rubbing his hands as we speak!

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    It's also a good idea to have a checklist to look at before you go out stalking - in brief : Rifle (+bolt!), ammo,sticks binos,rangefinder? plastic bags for liver & kidneys, knife,disposable gloves,a hat in this weather, maybe a roe sack or a shoulder strap for carcass carrying.
    I'm sure there are other optional things to take out with you.

    If buying the lee kit - the deluxe dies have full length & neck sizing dies, it will cost a bit more if you try to buy them separately. I know I did!!

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    Luckily I have a couple of knives and sharpeners!


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    Daemo, that's a fair list, don't forget the larder kit- you're hopefully going to have some venison to prepare Cheers, Pete.
    PS you could always leave the mod-cover off the list, that might help

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    Bored this afternoon so here goes

    KNIFE and disposable latex gloves

    Flip up covers - not crucial and I break loads when foxing
    Mod cover - not very important can be a pain
    Sling - try a few some "sit" much better than others
    Gun Slip - make sure you buy with rifle and mod present, my first one was too short - doh!!
    Bipod - pay extra for swivel ones - well worth it
    Shooting sticks - get some toothpicks and twine - see other posts
    Carcass tray for the car - definately for later
    Rifle cleaning kit
    Optics cleaning kit - get one free by negotiating when buying kit. They often have freebies from optics companies
    Roe sack - or drag (if you get a wooden stock then the roe sakc buckles can scratch hell out of it) a drag can be more practical although you will need a sack to carry this lot
    Lee Anniversary Kit - what is? perhaps I need one!!
    Lee Zip trim - what is?
    Length gage and shell holder
    Die set
    Electronic scales
    Bullets - and pouch- not cammo incase you drop it!
    Cases - do the maths before you set of down reloading route. I am luck to shoot 150 rounds per year factory bullets are fine for me. If you fancy reloading then great.

    Now lets see hoe little I know cos everyone has a different opinion.

    Oh and get your divorce papers and solicitor sorted out, saves time for later!!

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    Disposable latex gloves.
    Oh - and some clothes too, you haven't mentioned them and is quite cold out!!

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    Good call for the disposable gloves and bullet pouch, i'll add them to the never ending list...

    Regarding reloading, at 25.00 per 20 rounds factory ammo - I think buying the reloading kit will pay for itself very quickly, and hey - im sad enough to get into reloading as a hobby!


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