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Thread: Sauer 202 stock

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    Sauer 202 stock

    I am looking to buy a Sauer 202. I can only afford a synthetic stock right now, so my question is: how easy is it to swap to a wooden stock later, and are they reasonably easy to obtain ?

    All help gratefully received

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    You can get new stocks from Garlands the importers.

    To give you an idea a synthetic stock is 620 odd.

    They are very easy to swap out.

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    Changing Sauer 202 stocks is extremely easy. Wooden and synthetic stocks are interchangeable and will not affect zero either. About a 5 minute job in all. I started with a brand new sauer 202 with wooden and then posted a 'wanted' add on here in classifieds and picked it up for about 250, almost spotless. I now change if I am doing 'rough' stalking!

    I would say though that those that start with a wooden stock have wood stocks because they like wood; they then buy synthetic stocks for the same reasons as me, to have something for rougher stalking, and it is these you see secondhand because they don't use them as much as they would think they would (although I do). Whereas, those that start with plastic don't generally buy wooden stocks as an afterthought, as they like plastic, so you do not see wooden stocks being offered second hand very much, if at all, therefore you may want to reconsider starting with wood then buying synthetic as an afterthought. In the long you will probably loose out if you are desperate for a wooden stock having bought plastic to begin with and then find you have to buy a new wooden stock, as they will set you back A LOT more than plastic. Regularly see plastic stocks coming up on here.

    Hope that helps!

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