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Thread: day building highseat

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    day building highseat

    Well after seeing cockerdogs design on high seats, i decided to copy it.. Ive been meaning to do it for months but with the shooting season getting in the way, its taken me until today to get it done!

    I was lucky enough to scrounge a load of lats from pallets to clad it with along with a bit of old 3x1 which was surplus to requirements.. Total build cost was 40 plus a few nails. We started at lunchtime and had an hour off to get supplies in the afternoon, finishing at 1830, all that needs doing is a roof putting on it. Im looking forward to waiting up there for charlies and deer. I will put some finished pics up and also the view in due course..

    Thanks to Cockerdog for the design!

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    Very good job.

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    Nice looking high seat. I make a few of my own and they cost alot more than that!!

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    nice one they look reall good,atb wayne

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    Looks the business - might have made the shooting rail a bit higher though or will you be shooting from the sitting position?

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    he isnt that tall

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    I had a play around with the 39.99 Maplin folding ladder yesterday and came up with this. It just needs the seat bolted to the top and maybe a lick of paint. Very light and set up in minutes.

    Attachment 13539Attachment 13540
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Now thats clever.

    Please let me know how you add seat and how you get along with it.

    Cheap, portable, very nice idea.

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    I've been toying with the idea of a portable seat with the maplins ladder but wasnt sure of how to fix the seat and rest on, thats given me some ideas, can you post more pics of the final product?


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