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Thread: days ferreting in peterborough

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    days ferreting in peterborough

    been leaving the rabbits alone recently as mixxy really took hold so ive been going elsewhere but ive been checking rabbits and theyve bounced back and i really need to get on top of them as theres loads about doing damage
    this is a one time offer not a long term permission
    ive got my own ferrets but happy to let someone with good team have a go ill be there to clean up runners with shotgun and ill happily work ferrets if you want a bit of shooting ,there is heavy brambles in places but some good warrens to get on
    50/50 on the rabbits we take .
    loads about should be biggish bag

    PLEASE NOTE anyone sneeking back will be reported to the police and we will procecute without exception

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    That's a nice offer, what about an introduction that would be even nicer.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Bit late for ferreting, done my last day today, had more bolters than adults, two of my jills klonked quite a few in the earths, wouldn't want to risk any more days out, all done now until the autumn

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    i useally use ferrets upto the end of march with no problem at this location but i see wot your saying ,i went yesterday 27 rabbits few fattys but at the end of the day they are wrecking the area few more days available cheers karl

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    Hi Karl
    Had a look out today, where I live there are more bolters than enough, all I see this afternoon, I think they are quite early again this year in kent. out yesterday evening and had some good half grown ones as well lamping.

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