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Thread: passed my dsc 1

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    passed my dsc 1

    sat my dsc 1 tuesday 6th and wednesday 7th march. was apprehensive about the range work as i havent fired a rifle for 5years!

    must say a big thankyou to chris dalton at south ayrshire stalking,a truly great guy who knows his craft. i would highly recommend him if you are wanting to do your dsc1 or a few days stalking

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    Well done mate - i've heard that the range test is where quite a few fail. My rifle was palying up on the test so I had to use the estate rifle, but luckily it had a set trigger like mine, though it was a different calibre, so I was able it pass too.



    Ps. what did you think of the badge - you get an A+ pass if you can ID the species correctly

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    hi scrun
    got all the species correct just waiting on my certificate and badge.the estate rifle that i used was a tikka 243 with a synthetic stock. found it a good rifle to use even though im left handed.


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    Dan - sorry, i meant if you can id the species on the badge - if I ever saw a deer that looked like that i'd be worried

    Is the South Ayrshire crew the one linked with ?


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