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Thread: 223 what make

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    223 what make

    hi folks im getting a 223 and was wandering if some of you could offer opinions on what to get i have shot the ruger 223 m77 and was very impressed i was considering a steyr mannlicher classic as i have one in 25-06 and absaloutly love it .i enjoy variety and do fancy a different make , i saw the cz and it looks tidy but havnt shot it .so i would appreciate any thoughts please what about sako 85 or 75 ???

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    I have 3 CZ,s so it is obvious that you should go for the CZ. They really are the best value rifles on the market. I have found them all to be very accurate and if you are lucky some of the woodwork is exceptional.

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    Once upon a time I had a Ruger .223. Out of the box it wasn't very good and I got rid of it. Before buying one, some points to consider are:

    what twist rate do you want?
    will you just go with the rifle out of the box, or will you want to customise it as funds permit?
    second hand or new?

    Good luck. JCS

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    Get one with a fast twist rate, at least 1..10.

    I use a Remmy 700 and it is fine but required some work to get it that way, my shooting buddy has a Howa and it was excellent straight out of the box.

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    Friend of mine also bought a new Ruger, accuracy was not good at all and after hundreds of rounds tested he sold it again at a great loss.
    I had a CZ 1/12 which was very accurate and a lovely little rifle, would shoot just about any ammo up to 60gr. Now I have a T3 1/8 which is a bit finicky with ammo choice but is very accurate once ammo is sorted. Had a 22-250 howa sporter which was extemely accurate.

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    Tikka m595. Still lots of good ones about. Great smooth action. Good triggers from the box.
    Mag feeds the rounds very nice also being single stack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    Tikka m595. Still lots of good ones about. Great smooth action. Good triggers from the box.
    Mag feeds the rounds very nice also being single stack.
    +1 !

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    Have to trot out the same advice I always offer for this family of .22CF's.

    Get a rifle scaled to fit the smaller cartridge, rather than put up with a .308 or .30-06 length action. That'll be light and fast handling. There's no recoil to speak of so why lug around more metal than you need?

    It would have to be a Sako - action 1, or the CZ 527 American - which can now be ordered factory threaded if you plan on fitting a mod.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I vote for the browning x-bolt, very accurate, pillar bedded and free floated, 60 degree bolt lift and new ones have fluted barrels.

    and they are relatively cheap, whats not to like?

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    Tikka every time ,most will shoot sub inch groups from the box, with reloads you should
    half that.

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