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Thread: Tikka m695 stainless in 270 winchester.

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    Tikka m695 stainless in 270 winchester.

    Hi guys up for sale is my tikka m695 270 winchester. It is the stainless model with plastic black stock.
    the stock has just be re finished in matt black and looks very good. trigger has been adjusted to a nice safe crisp pull weight

    The action itself is in very good condition and so is the barrel apart from a bushing mark on it where a mod has been at some point.
    rifle bore is in superb condition. rifle with 20 once fired brass and 20 factory federal rounds plus rcbs seater,neck and full length die set 450

    ase 30 cal compact mod 220. rifle buyer as option on the mod 1st. if they dont want to buy the mod. i will then offer it to anyone else. rifle MUST SELL 1ST THOUGH.

    rifle is screwcut 1/2 inch thread. anyone interested in the mod i can get the thread changed for them by local smith to whatever you want it in to suite your rifle.
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    Amazed to see this still here. Probably as near a perfect stalking rifle as you will get.
    Good luck with the sale.


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    right guys the rifle is still for sale after a couple of people has backed out.

    450 for the rifle, dies and any brass and factory rounds i have. the bore is in superb condition no fire crackling in throat. the rifling in still very sharp
    so lots of life in the rifle. ideal action to build off for semi custom built.

    the beauty of it being stainless is when you have the rifle rebarrelled you can have the action and barrel bead or vapour blasted to match at the same time.
    alot cheaper then having a steel action which needs rebluing

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    here are a couple more pictures with the stock resprayed. this would make a cracking cheap deer rifle for someone.
    if no one wants the dies i can do the rifle for 420

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    Any chance of PM'ing me a contact no and I will call you instead or do you not want to try and sell your rifle to me

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    what was the stock sprayed with? looks good, better than the factory finish

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    had a fair bit of interest in this but stone rang and said he will defo take it so sold to him.

    off road gary the stock was prepped with the right plastic primer. and then finished in matt black. its in good condition but could be even better if more prep work was put in.
    but i didnt want my mate spending to much time on it as he done it for free.

    your right though better then factory finished

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