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Thread: tikka m595 with shilen stainless match barrel in 17 fireball.

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    tikka m595 with shilen stainless match barrel in 17 fireball.

    hi guys having a change about with some of my calibres.

    so here for sale is my 17 fireball

    tikka m595 trued action[ single shot but comes with as new 222 magazine]
    shilen 1 in 10 twist stainless match barrel [ finished at 23 inches]
    screwcut m14x1 with invisible thread cap and proofed.
    standard tikka trigger adjusted so gives nice clean let off.
    standard wood stock but in very good condition.

    rifle will come with blued optilock rings and bases [ 25mm medium hight]
    all the brass and rounds i have. and over 200 worth of redding dies.
    i have the redding comp seater die. and the redding neck and full length die.

    rifle has only fired around 150 rounds since being rebarreled. so the barrel is as good as new. accuracy is very good and
    spits out a 20 vmax at 4000+ fps with a mild load of h322 powder. and rem 7and 1/2 primer.

    all in the rifle and extras cost me 1200 so 800 for the lot seams a fair price.

    all the rifle work was done by richard pope of swift rifles

    tikka m595 17 fireball pictures by jamie1517 - Photobucket
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    I've had a go with this rifle and its cracking. I know the only reason jay would be selling is if he got an opportunity to replace it with something very special.... Which I believe he has!!

    A very good option for somebody stepping into the 17 world and I would have it in a blink if I didn't already have one!!

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    Looks lovely J,
    Best of luck with the sale,

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    Cheers lads. It is a lovely rifle. And fairly light so ideal for walking about your shoot.
    I could do with it gone asap so I can pick up new rifle

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    What you buying Jamie ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pierred View Post
    What you buying Jamie ?
    A friend of mine has offered me a very nice 17 rem at a great price. So I can't say no but I need to sell this because they wont let me keep two. So will do a 1 for 1on my ticket if this fireball sells.

    Price now dropped to 750 also
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    i can vouch for this rifles accuracy, seen it drop rabbits out to 250yds and they were head shots

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    cant believe this hasnt been snapped up. there is a fair amount of kit here. i need to sell it but to break even on the rifle i am going to replace it with. i don't mind dropping it a bit more.

    so 700 !!!! all the barrel work cost me over 550 thats not including the silly amount of dosh on dies and the rifle itself

    or all the stuff with out the optilocs for 650
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    is this set up as a single shot ? or is it mag fed.

    thank you

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