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Thread: .270 ammo recommendation?

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    .270 ammo recommendation?

    I was just wondering if I could get some recommendations on what .270 ammo would be best when I mainly shoot roe? I don't do a lot of stalking so I don't reload. The gun shoots the Norma 110 grain vmax bullets well and they hit hard but cause quite a lot of bruising rather than a massive exit hole,(even the last fox I shot at around 80 yards only had a golf ball sized exit hole).

    Are there many 110 grain soft points on the market? I've tried RWS 130g soft points without much success. The Norma bullets are working great but I have some paid stalks booked in the summer and I'm slightly worried they won't be chuffed with the Ballistic tipped rounds?

    Would just appreciate any recommended bullets. I know every rifle shoots differently but it's easier if you know what to try first.


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    Before I sold my Sauer mod 90 .270 (slightly regretting it now), it behaved impeccably with federal 130gn BT factory loads, and my .243 always liked federal too. Its been difficult to find locally for me so Im starting to learn the fine art of home loading and bullet wise leaning towards nosler partitions.
    theres an excellent resource here
    Terminal Ballistics Research
    that you may want to have a look at.
    personally, Ive not had problems with BT's as long as bullet placement is good. I suspect that most guides would rather see an animal properly down with a bit of shoulder damage than a runner but you could always phone them before hand and check what they feel about BT's if you're worried.

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    i liked remmington corelokt in 130 and 150 grain i didnt have any meat damage the bullets expanded really well and both shot to the same poi so that was a bonus,atb wayne

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    always stuck with Norma SP 130gn in factory for Roe and Red. minimal damage
    never liked RWS but I had some bad carcase damage on the occasions I used the H Mantle cone point 150gn

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    I use 110 vmax on vermin and in the past on hinds, they make a hell of a mess of roe deer, I changed to rws 130 h mantel for deer and find they do the job but you have to hit a rib or they go staight threw and dont do much damage not a problem if you are accurate however if you are high or behind can mean to a long day tracking. carcass damage is as little as I have seen with a expanding bullet.



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    I know leec on here has a particular passion for his 140gr - and I'm coming to that having used Norma 150gr SP's for a while now and seeing less meat damage with them than 130's - presumably because they're a little slower. Will certainly be slower than the 110's.....(but I do like 95gr for M. Reynard!)
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    I shot well over 100 roe with 130gr ballistic tips before having a change of calibre. The damage is acceptable and I never had any run far.

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    Corelokt Remington 130 grain always performed well.

    My choice factory ammo is the Federal fusion 130 grain. It is also (at least used to be) a lot cheaper than other ammunition.


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    for factory ammo i've found that federal power shocks 130 grain do the job , meat damage is minimum. and thay don't move far when hit.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I'll try some 130g btips and see if the meat damage is less. Remington and federals seem popular.

    The 110 grains drop them on the spot but the bruising around the shoulders is pretty horrendous. But then theres not that there's much on the front legs anyway so should I just stick with the Norma rounds?

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