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Thread: Carrying Ammunition / mod Overseas

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    Carrying Ammunition / mod Overseas


    For those of you who have been overseas with your firearms / ammo, how did you carry your ammuntion / Mod? I have a flight case for my rifle but the mod won't fit in. Is it necessary to have a flight case for ammuntion too, i'm trying to keep the weight as low as possible

    Any ideas would be great

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    I have never taken a moderator overseas, but if I did I would detach it and have it in my rifle case alongside the barrel. I have seen some reports showing photos of moderated rifles in South Africa, but can't recall seeing any from other countries. You would need to check that they are legal in the country you are travelling to. Check the airline rules, but ammunition can usually be packed in a container and placed in your checked-in baggage.

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    I use a small metal camera case and check it in with my rifle.
    Most airlines allow 5kg for ammo and they travel with your rifle.
    Put your mod in with your rifle.
    Where are you going and who are you flying with?


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    Quote Originally Posted by DavieH View Post
    I use a small metal camera case and check it in with my rifle.
    Most airlines allow 5kg for ammo and they travel with your rifle.
    Put your mod in with your rifle.
    Where are you going and who are you flying with?

    Hi Davie,

    I am going to Namibia, and flying with air Namibia. I was planning on getting a Tuffpak box for both my ammo and mod, if it'll fit, if not then i'll put the MOD in my checked luggage. I've checked with the airline and they allow 5kg but can't tell me how they should be packed. I reckon i'll go with the tuffpak box to be on the safe side.



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    I have a Tuffpak as it is all Blaser's that I am using (.243/300Win Mag and .375 H & H)
    I can get the 3 barrels/stock and 3 scopes in no problem.
    I use Pipe insulation foam round the barrels and place them in Plastic Document tubes, also my bins and a jacket for extra padding.
    As I said ammo in camera case.
    If your is the full hight Tuffpak if so you have no worries.


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    Its worth checking that they mean 5kg incl the carrying case or 5kg of ammunition inside the case. We had a ridiculous situation a few years ago when the airline (BA I think) at Heathrow were insisting that our ammunition allowance was overweight (it wasn't). When we asked what they suggested we do, their bright idea was that we should give a couple of boxes of ammo to the armed policeman patrolling the concourse! Sense was finally seen when we weighed the ammunition seperate to the case and we went on our way.


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    Another thing you will have to contend with.
    You are flying I take it from Aberdeen to Heathrow.
    Both BA and BMI charge you for the privilage for taking your gun and ammo on board.
    Something to do with insurance.
    Last year going to South Africa it cost me 50:00 each way unless you are lucky and get a "rookie" to check you in.
    If you have not done this trip before have all your paperwork at hand and offer to help them fill in the form and you might get away free from paying.
    If I can help in any way before you go please just get in contact with me.

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    Cheers DavieH thats very good of you. I'm flying from Aberdeen to frankfurt then onto Windheok, Lufthansa then Air Namibia. It's been a fairly long process getting all the docs etc that are needed, but thankfully things have fallen into place, hope i haven't just gave it the kiss of death!! I'm just waiting on confirmation from the airlines as to how they would like ammo packed. I'm personally not taken any chances but some of the guys i'm going with seem to be happy using cash boxes or just having it loose in their check in baggage... I will just need to live with the fact that i will probably have several Kg's of excess baggage, but i suppose thats a small price to pay

    thanks also to everyone else for their input, much appreciated

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    Im sure there was a condition of a secure container so loose in check in baggage may be a problem for your mates!

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    +1 with Andy C
    It will have to be in something secure, also the size will be determind by the amount of animals you are taking x 2 for the amount of ammo.
    Remember you will have to do a zero before you go out on the ground.
    I only know Virgin's policies but not anybody elses.
    I do not what you to think I am a know all but after the amount of trips I have been on you learn something every trip.
    Do not go loaded with clothes, you will get a laundry service there.
    I wear my bootS going,hunting and coming back.
    Make out a list and where you can trim it down but not your essential hunting gear.
    Whenever you are going I wish you a great hunt and let us know how you got on.
    By the way is it a trophy hunt or a Management Cull??


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