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Thread: Theoben FAC Mk1 rapid .22

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    Theoben FAC Mk1 rapid .22

    I am selling my Mk1 Rapid in .22. Its an early model and has the hardwood roll over right hand stock. I bought it from Karl Slater at the old Guns International in Barnsley. It has a 16" tube,evolution moderator and has a couple of seven shot magazines. There is a 400cc buddy bottle on it and there is a spare older buddy bottle. Also two bottle caps. It can come with either a 3-9 BSA Catseye scope or a simmons 3.5-10 whitetail scope. The gun runs between 12 ft/lband 22 ft/lb, no regulator. Supremely accurate and never had any problems. Valve was last replaced just before Karl closed. Gun being sold as I don't use it much. There is a 12lt 300 bar bottle that a price can be discussed on if interested, shrader make, good condition but cylinder out of date. Price for gun, buddy bottles and scope 375, no offers as this is an excellent price. Ideally face to face but can send via RFD if you pay the costs. The early Mk1 is the best of that version.

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    Have you still got it theoben Mk1

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    Have you still got the mk1 rapid

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    Shame its a righthander.....i am a lefty

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