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    I have a schmidt 8x56 30mm on my sako 243 deer/fox rifle. Recently picked up a swaro 8x56. I am getting a 17HMR soon and dont know if I should put the schmidt or swaro on? The sako is my main rifle and most folk claim that the swaro has the best light gathering and wider angle? Is it the better scope and should I put it on the 243? The schmidt is doing fine at the moment. Thanks

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    Why fix what isn't broken? Leave the S&B where it is. But that's from a S&B fan, fit which ever suits you best!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    To be honest I don't think you will notice the difference, they are both quality scopes and your exit pupil size is also the same.

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    I have had a Swarovski 6x42 on a rifle for a year or so, recently I bought a S&B 6x42 for another rifle, it is not in the same league as the Swarovski as far as image quality is concerned.


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    A small group of us did some direct A/B comparison between the S&B and Swaro in 8X56 at dusk. We were all of the view that in the end both allowed us to see the same detail as the light failed but the Swaro had a wider field of view and this gave the impression of a "better" image.

    With that in mind I am of the view that for low light shooting there is nothing to chose between them but the swaro will always give the impression of providing a slightly better image.

    I'm a big fan of not messing with something that works so I'd say you can leave your S&B where it is with confidence that while the Swaro image might feel a little better you are not missing any low light performance that would enable you to take a shot.

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    I had a Swarovski 6X42 on a Ruger .22 and it was way too heavy on a light rifle so i think the 8X56 may be top heavy too. A bit too much for the rifle i think as they are quite heavy.

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    Swarovski has a finer reticule. Better for the HMR,maybe. Both cracking scopes.

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    Agree with red dotrecently bought a 30mm s&b 8x56 for my .223 sako 85. whilst waiting for my optilocks i put it on my .17Hmr (savage thumbhole carbine) , cant fault the optics but just too big(body size,weight) a scope if being honest, optilocks arrived , a lovely 25mm Weaver grand slam back on the HMR ( fine ret) back on the Hummer, perfect. I thought a bit more mag also helps with the varmints at 100-120 yards to be honest. S&B 8x56 is now on the .223 , perfect for foxing atbcraig

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    During the 3/4 years I stalked professionally I used a 6x42 S&B on an unmoderated .270 and it was absolutely faultless.. Loved it.

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