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Thread: Titanium moderators prices

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    Titanium moderators prices

    Quicksilver have published the prices of their titanium and aluminium moderators through their website at

    Firm orders are now being taken for delivery in early March 2009. If you are interested and want a bespoke service, including thread and choice finish, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    For your convenience, moderators can be collected in person in London or sent to your nearest RFD.

    It is strongly recommended that the tread be machined during the manufacturing process. All calibre suitable threads offered.

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    Not aimed at the budget market, that a big wad of cash.

    I would be interested to hear from people who have used them before shelling out that much.

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    £445 PLUS VAT?? They need to be good at that price. Anyone got any experience of them out there?

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    Built my own titanium moderator, I imported the Ti from states (grade 5) I paid import duty, VAT, and cutting charge because I only ordered a small amount:- material costs…………………….£50.00 inclusive. Machined it on a Myford Super 7 lathe. TIG welding was no harder than stainless steel.

    Food for thought.


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    Sounds like a business plan if ever there was one.

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    For that price they would just have to make no more noise than a wisper for me to shell out that much.

    Are they $445 in the US does anyone know?

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    Checked their American website for their prices and saw that their .223 model retails for $895 and the .30 cal for $1,050 so for once it appears that though expensive for what we are used to - not including BT steel cans - it is a lot cheaper here than in the US. Has anybody seen one yet?

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    So what is the law regarding making your own moderator. Do you have to be a rfd

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJR
    So what is the law regarding making your own moderator. Do you have to be a rfd
    I work part time for a RFD (RFD Servant). You could make one for an air rifle. Build your own centre fire moderator with out being a RFD and you could be seeing the inside off a cell.

    Personally I think the sooner moderators come off ticket the better, as then you would cut out one of the middlemen making a 25% mark up or more for signing a moddy on your ticket.

    Best rgds


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    Titanium moddy

    Hey chaps,

    Seen the picture of the UK prototype of this new titanium moddy people have been talking about on their website. It may be expensive, but at about half of the weight and size of the cans we know it may be worth checking. It is mounted on a Tikka of some sort and looks very neat. If you check their American website you will be able to see a small picture of a stripped down can. It appears that they use some sort of K baffle system.

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