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Thread: Stalking ITV1 Now

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    Stalking ITV1 Now

    Stalking ITV1 Now Countrywise

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    Just missed it, but i will watch it on ITV+1 at 830

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    Yep, i stalked hinds there early febuary with John the head stalker.

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    Good to see a truely rounded program explaining the reasons for deer management!

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    I agree. Real people prepared to do the whole thing from start to finish. Kill it, cook it, eat it.

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    What channel is itv+1?

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    And these foodie programmes are helping with demand and price of Britains healthiest food... the smokehouse guy was at it with that boat and net, none of which seem to have been used for years then he went inside to racks of farmed salmon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxyshane View Post
    What channel is itv+1?
    ITV + 1hr channel 131 on sky

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    Forest Estate seems to get through some head stalkers they must change every 6 months !
    Was that a shot straight through a wire fence !

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    Who knows, they didnt show the shot.
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