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Thread: Aniseed oil/for tracking

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    Aniseed oil/for tracking

    would it be worthwhile to mix up some Aniseed oil and water to lay a trail , I know that deer dont buy aniseed balls at the CO-OP , but dogs kinda like the smell , only my blood water mix is short so am looking for an alternative , (ok shoot more deer) I hear .
    In your opinion would this be to strong a smell or counter productive .

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    Hi Trapper

    I would stay clear of the aniseed. Training is based on quality not quantity. Wait till you get some blood again. You want the dog to trail a particular scent only and not get distracted on another scent trail that happens to be stronger at the time.


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    I thought those 2 monsters you shot recently would of filled the blood supplly for a while

    Did you manage to save any.


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    no I didnt mate , I was more concerned with recovery I just plain forgot Mark good point I will stick with the original recipe.
    Regards Trapper

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    aniseed for tracking

    bye the aniseed balls any i can eat at stones dog day.

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    Some keepers mix aniseed with the bird feed in an effort to keep birds on the ground (or attract others ). If you train your pooch on an aniseed trail you may end up finding a shed load of bird feeders instead!

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    Sweat scent

    If you don't have ready access to lots of blood, try your local deer farm (if you have one). If you can chat them up, they may keep it for you, for a few quid, or you could try this:
    (down the page to sweatscent)


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    Dear Pinsandpaint

    Its about time I corrected the growing number of deer tracking experts on the meaning of the word 'schweiss'
    Schweiss has several meanings
    1. Sweat as in human sweat
    2. Welding
    3. Blood trail from injured game animals.

    These meanings are quite different and specific in their meaning. Do you own a sweathound, weldinghound or bloodhound?? My hound cant weld very well as she cant keep her goggles on and keeps singing her fur.

    I know Lola tracks blood trail but in the UK is everybody training their dogs to follow 'sweat' -Yuk
    I find it quite funny when some people expound on the virtues of thier Bavarian or Hannoverian hounds but can't get their name right.

    Mark of Tunbrige Wells

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    I think confusion some times arises from the literal translations and the way some German phrases are translated by the Germans prior to reaching our shores.
    An example being when I first got involved in Bavarians in Germany the handler who was explaining the dogs role described it as a bloodhound, his broken English and my broken German coming up with the best fitting description, which thinking back was quite accurate. Twenty years later when companies started producing what they translate as sweat scent for the English speaking countries the translation came, I take it, from the blood of a wounded animal e.g. schweiss, hence sweat.
    I suppose many meanings get lost over the years through translation and adaptation. After all the working blood hound in this country follows the scent trail/track left by people not blood, a main contributor to that scent picture is sweat so should we have called it a 'chlorine, sodium, potassium, urea,calcium,magnesium,phosphate suphate,iodine, nitrogen,bicarbanate,lipid,sugar,(and its metabolites),vitamins,and hormone hound‘, not quite as snappy.
    I think you would be quite surprised by what Lola follows and that the components that are involved in the scent picture are far more complex than most people imagine, but that’s a huge subject that I wont bore you all with now, however, sorry Mark, very much yuk, your dog does follow sweat, as does every body else’s, and even worse it follows varying degrees of decomposition and nasty little bacteria, even bigger yuk.

    Anyway the original purpose of the post. Sweatscent is a good stand in Trapper as it has the components of blood and you really need your dog to practice as close to the real thing as you can, that said nothing beats the real thing.

    Hope this helps
    Best Regds Mark M

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