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Thread: Chocolate labs in need of a good home......

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    Chocolate labs in need of a good home......

    A very good friend of mine's next door neighbour ( I know this sounds tenuous, but hear me out) is currently looking after her sisters 2 chocolate labs. Her sister died a month or so ago, and they desperately need to find a home for the two dogs, as they have several already and can't cope with any more.
    They are both bitches, age 9 and 10 and are well trained house pets.
    If anyone out there feels they could give these two a good home for their latter years, I know it would help these people out no end, they have looked at alternatives like Battersea etc, but they won't take them as they are not emergency cases.
    PM me if you can help. The dogs are in Windsor currently.


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    shame, (free bump)

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    Speak to Labrador rescue - they WILL help you out -


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