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Thread: Chicken CSI!

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    Chicken CSI!

    Some collective wisdom if you please.
    A neighbour came round at about 3.15pm to say that one of their dogs (Shih Tzu) was sitting in our hedge next to a lot of chicken feathers. A quick count revealed one of our four birds missing. Two clumps of feathers about 15 yards apart, one beside a little dog crouched in the hedge, initially unwilling to come out. No feathers in the mouth, or blood on its muzzle. Few more feathers, two with blood on them, on the other side of the hedge. No chicken. We've searched around the garden and out into our field, nothing within a 50 yard radius (including feathers). The feathers were all plucked not cut or crushed and they look like body or neck feathers.

    Two options I think. Either a fox has been in and taken the chicken and the dog has been a coincidence (or disturbed the fox, got frightened hence reluctance to come out) or the dog is guilty as charged and an injured hen is now resting up somewhere (and will probably be an ex-hen if the fox is around tonight). I'm inclined to think the dog.

    What do typical fox kills look like when there is no body? I assume they make the kill, then take off with them, but would leave a bit of a feather trail. As luck would have it, my lamp is flat, otherwise I'd be sitting out there now!

    Thoughts appreciated!

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    going on foxes at my chicken farm always more than one get nailed even when disturbed .the chickens usually lose most of there feathers .usually heads are nipped off and they take a chicken away to eat a little bit further away. follow the dog around to see if it craps out a few chicken bones then you have your answer or stay out with the lamp. atb wayne

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    Cheers Wayne. However, the question has been answered by finding the hen, seriously wedged in, by a wall. Torn skin over her back - typical dog wound, so my first guess was right. I wonder if the owner will pay for having a vet stitch the wounds at 11.00pm?! I was going to use this as an excuse to buy a bigger light, but at least the kids are happy!

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    glad it wasnt a fox as damage can be huge i would be getting round to my neighbour to have them explain about it getting one of your hens .all the best,wayne

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