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Thread: .22 Magnum

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    .22 Magnum

    can any one tell me what would be a goo second hand 22 magnum to start with

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    ah , a much underated gun , try a ruger

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    CZ or Anschutz, tried them both, both accurate, the Annie was better finished, the CZ just had the edge on accuracy.


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    Get a CZ. I have seven 22WMR's and my CZ 452 American will pretty much outshoot all of them with ammo it likes. (Ok. My son has a mutant Marlin 882SSV that will shoot with it!) Don't clean it often and give it a box or two of any given ammo before you pronounce accuracy judgments. Here are a couple targets for your appraisal.~Muir

    50 meters, 5 shots.

    Ten shots, 100 yards, resting on top of a camera tripod.

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    there ya go scooby , Muir would know , the 22 mag is used over there alot more

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    Some do. Many still use the 17HMR and most use 22LR. I shoot a lot of .22LR and of course, have the 5mm Remington Magnum as well as the 22WMR.

    I have fond memories of shooting ground squirrels on the Mexican border with 17HMR. I found this while looking for the 22WMR targets. I hope you don't mind me putting it up. It's my son, Andy, then about 16 years old, posing with a ground squirrel he shot. He could only see the top bit of the squirrel in the alfalfa stubble and waited 35 minutes for the perfect shot. The rifle is a Ruger 77/17, rebarreled soon after with a custom barrel. The van in the background was where we were shooting from. It was 128 F degrees that day. It was one of the last times we had really good ammo for the HMR. I switched to 22WMR that summer. Those were good times. (Isn't that so, Marine?)

    To give you an idea of how small these vermin are, this is a fat one with a Federal 30 grain HP round next to its head for scale. This one was hit at 110 yards. It's insides are under him! That Federal round is my favorite.~Muir
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    Try Sako Quad, Mine required a few tunning to become a real shooter. You can actually shoot rabbits in the 50 - 150m range without effort with the taper sport barrel.

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    I have the quad in wmr.
    eats anything I feed it and groups around an inch at 130yds

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    guaranteed ! I feed it with 40 gr cci maxi mag, My best shot, measured with rangefinder a confirmed kill at 187m
    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I have the quad in wmr.
    eats anything I feed it and groups around an inch at 130yds

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    My Savage Striker bolt action pistol will shoot under MOA with several different kinds of ammo. The Remington 33 grain ballistic tip is very accurate. This same ammo took a rabbit from my CZ at 175 yards with our own JAYB calling the range.

    I have found that 22WMR ammo is remarkably consistent, LOT to LOT. The Federal 30 grain "Classic" load with a roll-plated lead HP will clock 2340 fps in 75-degee (F) heat. CCI V-Max will to the same. Ther Federal load is perhaps my favorite load. I cut a cotton-tail rabbit in half at 90 yards with that load. I have legally killed a deer with CCI 40 grain solids. People just don't give the 22WMR much of a chance.~Muir

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