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Thread: How can I electronically fill in the .pdf Firearms application form?

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    How can I electronically fill in the .pdf Firearms application form?

    I have downloaded the following form:

    I am filling in application forms on a regular basis and making mistakes, so I would like to know what's the best way to fill the form in electronically and save it as a .pdf? Much of the details don't change, but I filled one in on Monday and missed a variation off.

    Thanks JCS

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    I have often wondered this, or wondered about filing in the main bits that don't change and then photocopying these sections. NWP guidance states:

    The application should be completed in INK using block capitals (except where a signature is required)

    How bothered any police force would if you did it electronically I don't know, but NWP but the above on their website and ink capitalised. Be interested to have an electronic copy if you find one or if there is a member of the SD who can do one!!??

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    Looking at the one you posted, I'm not sure you can.

    The wonderful GMP, however, have this link
    via which, by clicking on 'form 101' you get a version you can type on and print off. You can then save it by goind to 'print', but rather than printing on a printer, selecting 'print to file' or something like that.

    The only drawback might be some regional differences in the form 101, but I guess a quick look at it would determine that.

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    The mrs can do it, she uses a programme called silverlight on a macbook and imports files then they can be edited or fill in the blank fields. I've seen her do it for some teaching resources but I've no idea how it's actually done or if there's an equivalent programme for PC. I could get her to post an explanation on here later.
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    Brilliant! Looks the same, no regional differences to the standard 101 form NWP use. WIll have to try it next time I do a renewal. Thanks Dalua!

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    Although I cannot work out how to save it for reprinting again and again, perhaps someone could enlighten with exact steps. After all, variations are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get next, so be handy to save!

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    Just done a variation last week wish id have known about this a lot easyer ho well il use it next time

    cheers Dalua

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    Or there are plenty of websites to convert docs, lots are free,here is just one,

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I guess in an ideal world, I would just like to have the form in Word format and then be able to edit it, print it off as a .pdf and e-Mail it to the licensing department.

    Regards JCS

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    Right well some forces only link this PDF, so you fill it in with a pen.
    But Essex have another version, you fill it in on your computer and then print it out complete.
    The downside of this method, is you cannot save a version on your computer, so just print 2 copies.
    Link here. form 101(Interactive version)
    It is found on this page Application Forms


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