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Thread: Hosting our German friends

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    Hosting our German friends

    Hi All
    Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting two of my German friends on a Muntjac hunt.
    The one chap Heini was coming for the second time and shot a buck last year, Gundolf who’s beautiful estate we hunted in Germany last winter was on his first visit and had never seen a Muntjac.
    I collected the guys off a twice delayed flight to Birmingham on Thursday evening and after a very quick change of clothes we met Andy at my Muntjac ground. We only had enough time for the last 30 mins up a seat due to the delayed flight I took Gundolf to a seat where we saw bugger all. Andy and Heini spotted a Muntjac late on but the light had beaten them.
    Friday morning I took Heini we got into a seat and waited for it to get light at about 7.30 a doe, a fawn and a buck stepped out onto the ride about a 100 yards away, I whispered to Heini to take the one on the right at the shot the buck rushed into cover but I was sure he was hit well. I left him a few minutes and walked back to where the truck was parked and collected Max my GSP, we got to the area where the buck was stood and Max trotted off and found the buck within seconds very dead about 25 yards away in a bush although he picked it up and shook it just in case (thanks Max). I cleaned the buck and hung it a tree before going for a stalk around the wood seeing no more Muntjac.

    Andy and Gundolf had done the same starting in a seat and then going on a stalk, they had a doe walk towards them on a bracken bank but she never offered a shot.
    We then headed off to introduce Gundolf to the “full English”

    In the evening we were up seats again Gundolf and I failing to see a deer athough we had several barking within a couple of hundred yards and Heini and Andy again seeing two but one not presenting a shot and the other just as they lost the light. I think the full moon was making them move later in the evening as they were sure moving at night in numbers by the track about some of it on our previous outings foot prints.

    Saturday morning I took Gundolf to a new seat which I had high hopes for over an area with a huge amount of activity although the action was going to be a bit too close to make it easy.
    We had been sat about an hour when I spotted a buck in a small bowl right in front of us he was making his way through steadily browsing as he went no more than 20 yards away as he passed behind a tree I got Gundolf to get ready and when he stepped out and hesitated to pick and a leaf Gundolf took the shot and after a very short dash the buck fell over dead. Great stuff handshakes all round and two very happy hunters. (pressure off )

    After cleaning the buck leaving the cape intact as Gundolf wanted to have a shoulder mount of his first Muntjac we moved to another area. Again this was a new seat looking over a steep bank which had been cleared and replanted but leaving a few clumps of trees and a belt at the top, it looked perfect the sun was on the bank and a nice green area just inside the tree line I said to Gundolf “got to be a deer here”. We sat for an hour and I was starting to doubt if we were going to see anything when I spotted a movement I looked through the binos and spotted another buck a this one a bit bigger than the last. He walked down the bank and disappeared behind a bush 10 minutes later he still hadn’t appeared I thought B*****cks he’s lay down, I readied Gundolf and made a few squeaks on the Buttalo and the buck appeared above the bush presenting a shot at about 120 yards bang another dead buck.

    Andy and Heini had seen three Muntjac including a buck but again hadn’t had the luck to get a shot so Breakfast time.

    In the evening we went out for a Fallow as it was a lovely evening Andy sat with Gundolf shooting a doe fawn and Heini and I spotted a group but by the time they were in a position to get a shot it was just too dark.

    Sunday morning and evening we hunted but all failed to connect but it didn’t matter we were all happy three bucks in the bag, two shoulder mounts off to the taxidermist for Gundolf and another great experience with good friends what more could you want.


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    Great story, thats what it's all about. Controlling deer numbers and having a good time.
    The Germans historically are years ahead of us with stalking, but we are catching up. A stalking highlight for most european hunters, would be a Red Stag on a Scottish hill. The beast will be a shadow of European, or even English animals, but the experience is second to none.

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    great write up Wayne i bet the German lads enjoyed the muntjac shooting

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    well done Wayne - glad to see your opening up the boundries - bet the German took the R93 from your hands with confidence.
    Wann werden sie mich auffordern, upagain zeigen ihnen, wie die getan?

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    wayne good write up and photos I bet they were made up
    regards pete .

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    Hi wayne. Glad to see you all had a good time. What did Gundolf and Heini rhink of the full English? Glad you didn't shoot all the munties maybe 1 left for me?

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    Bloody hell Wayne, that German guy is a big lad! I bet that was a bit of a squeeze up the highseat.

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    Well done Wayne I bet they were over the moon

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    Nice going lads.

    3 nice bucks mate. I'm sure Gundolf will be showing off his first Muntjac mount when he gets it back. I'm sure he has a special place on his walls for it.

    I can sense another return trip on the horizon.

    Well done again boys.


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    We had a great weekend with a couple of great lads and it was a pleasure to repay them for the hospitality they showed us in Germany. As Wayne said we got them 4 deer, 3 of them being nice muntjac bucks. There was loads of mark and plenty of deer showing and with a bit more luck we could have done even better for them. It was Gundolf's first stalking visit to England and his first look at muntjac so the pressure was on a little. Needless to say we were delighted for him to have a successful visit. Heini was here on his second visit so knew the ropes but was equally pleased to get his buck and yes Stu he was a big lad at 2m tall and broad with it. It was a squeeze when he and I shared high seats so, as you can imagine, there wasn't a lot of breathing space when he and Wayne were sat together . Yes Gary the lads were at home with the Blasers but that didn't stop them admiring my Sako .


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