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Thread: how long can you go

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    how long can you go

    how long can you go without stalking, it's been nearly 2 weeks for me and my fingers are trembling...come on weekend, COME ON!!!

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    From June 2011 to Feb 2012 I did not shoot a deer but I was stalking nearly every week.

    Now I have stalking when ever I want it I hardly ever shoot, funny how it works.

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    So far, I've managed 35 years.

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    I stalk regurlarly but there is nothing to shoot. unless i go out at night or have the HMR with me. Then they all come walking up to me to wave.

    Can I have a special dispensation to shoot a Muntie at 100 yards with a .22 air rifle using night vision?
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    About 3 days, 4 days and l am climbing the walls , but thats only during the winter, l will take a break in june until the roe rut kicks in and if the buck cull has gone ok will not do much untill november mainly observations and the odd muntie then come november it will be all systems go again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    I stalk regurlarly but there is nothing to shoot. unless i go out at night or have the HMR with me. Then they all come walking up to me to wave.
    Ditto. Go out with an air rifle and I see no rabbits but plenty of larger quarry. Go out with the 22-250 and I only see rabbits. Starting to think they have bugged my cabinet.

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    I didn't touch the rifle from 1st of sept until after feb 20th. Seem to prefer wildfowling over shooting does in winter. I think you have to be more switched on for stalking. Walk carefully/glass regularly ect compared to just sitting on a sea wall.

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    They're completely different forms of hunting. Wildfowling is essentially ambushing, a high proportion of the skill is working out out where you should be and when (the bit I can't work out in fact) whereas in deerstalking, there's more opportunity to go and actively find your quarry, like when you're creeping around the woods after woodcock (the bit I have worked out).

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    Last stalk was beginning of Feb, before that was November both unsuccessful. Hoping for lady luck to put me onto a nice Roe doe or maybe a fallow this weekend.
    Foxes are my main bag and rabbits when the mood takes me, same with pigeons I have to be in the right frame of mind for them.
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    It's just nice being out there with your rifle on your shoulder,I go fishing now and again,makes a change and I've not killed anything.Catch and release

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