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Thread: help removing rings

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    help removing rings

    Hi typical thing scope has a knock and the cross hairs are out of true tried to use proper torque wrench to get out the screws on the rings which hold the rings tight and yes you guessed it they have now starting being chewed up and now i cannot remove so how do i get them out and i have used wd40 and can i get spares
    K C Rimmington

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    you might have to drill the screw heads out

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    Been there. If you can scrap the rings, take a hack saw (Dremel tool, etc) and cut the rings along the separation line. Be careful and take your time. Alternatively, you can carefully drill off the heads of the screws bu that requires even more care. The upside is that you can salvage the rings and just get new screws if you're lucky.~Muir

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    I take it we are talking about the screws clamping the rings to the scope and these are cross-heads?

    If they are not too far gone and you haven't already, it may be worth trying a brand new screwdriver bit - make sure it is the right size (the tip of a larger one isn't the same as a smaller size) and that it is a Phillips and not a Pozi (the angles are different). This often works because the edges of the screwdriver bit are very quickly (and unnoticeably at first) rounded and the crisp edges of a new one will sometimes succeed where others fail. I've got a set with an extra grip diamond particle surface treatment that is kept just to use on buggered screws.

    If this doesn't work, Muir's advice is excellent. The alternative is to use a screw extractor but you may struggle to find one small enough - you will probably need a size 1.

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    I tried this with the nuts on my jeep wheel when I had a flat,,,not much fun, and VERY expensive experience..LOL..good luck and be careful not to damage your scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    .good luck and be careful not to damage your scope.
    I would assume from the post that the scope is already scrap.

    scope has a knock and the cross hairs are out of true

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    The final solution will be to drill out the heads of the retaining screws.

    However, if there is sufficient "bite" left on the screw heads, judicious tapping using a 6 oz hammer while applying rotational torque to the screw will sometimes ease the offending head loose.

    Similar to an impact driver,,,

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    kev, Unless your good with tools and have a decent cradle to hold your rifle firm, take it to a gunsmith. Particularly so if the scop is a good one and still operateable or fixable. A good smith will fix this in no time while you could just dick things up, if the rifle moves, then the drill or hack saw scratches on timber and blued steel, scratched zeiss, swarovski etc.

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    This happened to me with some Tikka Optilocks. Took it to a mate who made clocks. He had some very thin files that he got in the small gap where the two halves of the rings meet. He then very gently used the cutting edge on the side of the file to cut through the knackered screws. Worked a treat and just got some new screws from JLS as it was back then.


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    Something does not sound right here . If the screws are that tight on can only assume one of two things. Either the wrong size rings for the scope tube have been used. With the screws done up that type the scope body cannot simply move, i.e twist in the rings, with a simple knock! Which I have to suspect is the case if so there will be no gap to get a cutting implement into.

    Whoever fitted the rings has used the wrong type of Loctite hence they won't come undone. The scope body/ring issue still needs checking of course.

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