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    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who shoots with a 30.06 as I have one on my ticket. Pros and cons and advice would be most welcome to this novice stalker.


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    I have a Sako 85 in 30-06, which has a 20 inch barrel and is used with a T8. I use 165 grain Speer bullets homeloaded to 2,800 fps mv. It is a very powerful round that I mainly use on Fallow. It is pleasant to shoot with the T8 fitted but I won't be firing it without, as I easily develop a flinch, which once acquired is very difficult to get rid of. I know several other, less tender souls who happily use them unmoderated. So don't be put off by my recoil aversion.
    Ammo is readily available and there is a wide range of bullet weights up to 220 grains, particularly if you reload. I know someone who regularly takes his to Africa for plains game. It is easy to reload ammunition for, however it can use a lot of powder in comparison with the .308. 30-06 can safely be loaded to velocities on average about 400 fps less than the 30 cal magnums but at significantly less cost. Brass is easy to source. I have also shot several Muntjac with mine and it doesn't cause excessive carcass damage unless I pin the shoulders, which makes a mess. I have no adverse comments to make and enjoy using it.

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    I got a 30-06 as my first stalking rifle because I could only afford one rifle and wanted something that could do everything. Since then I have used it in the UK on fallow, roe and muntjac and in Africa on animals up to the size of kudu. The key is matching the load to the species; the only problem I have really encountered was some of the premium heads not expanding very well on UK deer.

    The round is very easy to load for and not at all fussy, but as is pointed out above they can be a little be powder hungry compared to someof the smaller popular deer calibres. I personally shoot it without a mod in a T3 lite, but providing you hold on to them recoil is not too emotional. I won’t quote lots of loads at you but if you have any questions give me a shout.

    Quite a lot of info


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    Yeah it's a great caliber,mine is for sale on here on firearms,have a look mate,it's a really nice looking and shoots like a dream,atb swarovski

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    A great calibar to shoot with. I have shot a wide variety of animals but for me it really comes into its own when on the hills of Scotland on the Reds and in Africa on plains game. It is so versatile to load for. I dont feel any proplem with recoil and I dont have a mod fitted. The 180 grain bullets does give more recoil but not enough to bother about. my rifle is a CZ 550 American with a Bushnell Banner 3-9X50 scope and I find it very versatile.
    P.S. will be upgrading scope when funds allow.

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    I shoot one in a mauser M03. Unmoderated I thought it ws quite a tooth ratteler but moderated it is a pussey cat. On mature roe and muntjack it does less damage than the .243. on very small roe yearlings the presure tends to split them open some times but still less damage than the .243. I use 165 grain soft points and it realy hits hard I get the odd runner from well shot animals but not many. Unless you are firing thousands of rounds the extra 5 or 6 grains of powder per cart over a .308 is not worth taking in to account.



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    There are no cons with a 30.06 but every pro you can think of.

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    In my humble and limited experience and within the context of sporting shooting (especially at deer sized game, that is) the .30-06 Springfield is just a great cartridge, especially if you reload. Good from "mice to moose" as they say (though I've only managed rats to bulls, so far, with mine) and so easy to find components for that you can tailor it to almost any end. However, arguably, it may not be much better than the .308 win... but if we're getting into how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? It's a bigger pin too.

    The single biggest drawback I can see would be if you wished to use it in France, where you may NOT hunt with it lawfully... but that's true of the .308 win too.

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    I'd like a .30-06 but have the French problem...

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    I have a Steyr 30-06 which is a very lightweight rifle. It is very easy nto shoot and the recoil is a non issue. If you fancy a higher powered 30 cal, get a 300 WIN Mag. Better ballistics, flatter shooting..............!

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