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    Game Finder

    Has any member of SD got one of these and if so how long did it take to get used to the thing.
    I cannot make head nor tail of the readings as it seems to light up every time I move it from side to side.

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    My father had one of these a few years back and it seemed to be just another gimmic. Didn't actually see anything located using it. He actually fell over a beast shot at last light while he was busy looking at the red bars on the screen

    I think it is still taking up space in the gun cabinet :0)

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    When watching a TV programme some time ago, of a guy looking for wild boar in a forest somewhere, I noticed he had one in his hand but he didn't need to use it as some piglets appeared as if by magic, they were probably tipped off about the TV cameraman

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    They maybe should be called a "Mug finder"....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    They maybe should be called a "Mug finder"....
    Thanks for that. How many have you got ?
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    I know a stalker that uses them and thinks they are fantastic, said he always finds what he has shot, I wish he was with me yesterday when I was looking for one of a pair of hinds I shot at last knocks !
    Not to find it, just to help me drag the bugger out of the forest !

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