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    No wonder my Sauer 5 shot .243 mag was snapped up at 50 (with hex screw rods) as I have just had to pay GMK 236 for a kit to convert my Sako 75 III from floor plate to 5 shot mag !

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    I picked 4 shot 308 sauer mag from an RFD for 25 - so it could be worse.

    And just wondering- why did you pay for the kit when a floorplate is perfectly adequate - it may not be ideal, but it works and 236 is a good portion towards another rifle. I'm not criticising, i'm just curious


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    It is part of a custom build by Neil McKillop but I got the rifle from which I only use the vgc action for 350 then sold the wooden stock for 100 so not getting a detach mag true 75 was a mistake. Remy 700 preferred but hens teeth also ! GMK have limited number of kits left then thats it and charge accordingly. Reason was its mainly for hind culling and the total cost inc macmillan synthetic pillar bedded and bead blasted stainless 1 :8 twist is 1872 inc VAT and I didnt want to spoil the ship for a h'pe'th o' tar. Dont we all take more than we think we need but are very grateful on the rare ocassion its necessary ? PS Got rid of my Sauer 202 Elegance for this unit.

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