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Thread: Bushwear Economy Mincer - BushWear HELP

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    Bushwear Economy Mincer - BushWear HELP

    Hi All,

    looking to get a mincer in the next couple of days and have looked at a few previous posts - I have a budget of 100 (I know its not a lot)

    has anyone used one of these or can you offer any alternatives.



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    Was in the same position as you a few months ago. Finally decided on one of Andrew James' grinders. Currently they're 79.95 on their website

    Prompt delivery, very well made in stainless steel, easy to strip and clean. Made fast work of 10 kgs of Red that I put through it last week.

    Highly recommended for the price! I should say I have no connection to the company, just a satisfied customer. I also bought their vacuum packing machine - fantastic piece of kit for the price as well.

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    We bought one of the Andrew James mincers,it had a cracked blade that they promptly replaced f.o.c., we have just minced about 20lbs of venison, made some burgers & sausages and thought that it was value for money.atb.Tim

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    thanks guys just ordered it and the burger press so lets see how i get on!

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    ordering 1 too so thanks to the thread posters

    atb steve

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    Let us know how you get on.

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    i have the youngs mincer on the bushwear site ,unstoppable superb bit of kit

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    How much do you need to mince? I use a hand mincer and it happily munches its way through a few pounds of meat at a time. Maybe not as fast as the big, expensive, powered mincers. Some time I will find a wheel to go on it and attach it to a motor, but for a fiver from a charity shop it does everything I need.

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    This recipe looks awesome - Top sausage recipe!!!!

    If you have anymore then please share

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