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Thread: Price of pluck

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    Price of pluck

    Hi all,
    I have a nine month old GWP, and she is coming on well. I have been feeding her a mixture of heart and lungs from
    deer and rabbit meat. But occasionally my supply's run low, so I enquired at my local butchers for a cost of cattle lungs/heart. priced about 5.00 a pluck, do think that is a fair price?

    Cheers William

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    Is is just a meat diet - any bone/bone meal/skin? If it is just meat, you are feeding a diet with the wrong ratio of calcium/phosphorous and this is a predisposing factor to joint problems such as OCD (particularly in a large fast growing dog). She'd be better on a decent commercial diet where the balance is correct. Any of the good makers (ie not supermarket own brand) will be OK.

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    No sorry I forgot to add the heart/lung is just a supplement not her main feed I just wanted a good/cheap and reliable source of raw meat. But thought it was slightly over priced

    Cheers Will

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    You could try your local abattior,but might find they are all stained...

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    we used to buy all our plucks/tripe from abattoir but they stopped selling due to regulations on all stuff including big bones,atb wayne

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    Find another butcher that you can build a raport with
    Mine gets a pheasant or two in the season I get free lungs/Lights
    Hearts come out at about 2.00 kg
    Cheapest raw feed is chicken wings always feed raw
    Supliment feeding with veg

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