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Thread: zeroing/target range near Edinburgh?

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    zeroing/target range near Edinburgh?

    Hello folks,

    does anyone know if there's anywhere who would be willing to allow me to zero a .243 and do some target practice in the Edinburgh area - preferably within about 25 min of the city. It's a bit of a trek out to the farms I have permission over.

    Any advice very much appreciated.


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    The East of Scotland Rifle Club use the MOD range at Castlelaw but they do not normally get any closer than 300 yards to the targets.

    The Lothian & Borders Rifle Club have a range in the hills behind Carefraemill which has 100, 200 and 500 firing points. The majority of the club members are stalkers so a lot of the time they are shooting at 100 and 200.

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    Thanks folks, appreciated.

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    Also a range from 100yds in fife, want to say by Kinross ?

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    Also Lothian and Borders Rifle Club - nr Carfraemill 130,230,500. Details provided if required.

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    Don't forget, by crossing the bridge you are in Fife and have the excellent Blairadam range - used by several clubs, even some midweek shoots too!

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