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Thread: Sako Barrel

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    Sako Barrel

    Factory Sako 75 Stainless barrel in 25/06

    Taken off for a custom build

    120 plus carriage

    RFD rules apply

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    hi what length is this and how much use has it had ?

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    22" standard length barrel

    The Sako it came off was in excellent condition and the previous owner reckoned he'd only put between 200 and 300 through it.I never shot it and had a 6.5x284 barrel put on it straight away

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    sako barrel

    Hi,what thread is on the barrel? is it screwed for a moderator? Ian.

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    No idea what thread the barrel is.Perhaps a call to GMK may answer that one.

    Its not screwcut

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    if its factory screwcut sporter it will be m14x1 if its varmint it will be m18x1 these are the threads tikka and sako use for there screwcutting

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    I took it to mean what is the thread fitting into the action when the next question was is it screwcut for a moderator

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