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Thread: Scottish stalker wages

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    Scottish stalker wages

    A friend asked me how much would a head stalker on a Scottish estate earn? I had to say, I don't know. Feel a bit awkward asking the ones I know so thought I would ask here.

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    How much do you and your "friend" earn? That is very private and why should anyone place such a question on a public forum never mind expect an honest answer...

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    Can I tentatively suggest: not enough?

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    40K and 32K
    If people do not wish to answer they will not, however if they do then I look forward to hearing from them.
    Many people, especially those in the public sector have their wages published, for example it is easy to find out how much a policeman can earn.
    I take it I will not be getting a helpful reply from you.
    Thank you for viewing my post, but please keep unhelpful answers to yourself.

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    Suspect you are right there!

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    "Thank you for viewing my post, but please keep unhelpful answers to yourself".

    Fine by me but why should anyone declare on a public forum what they earn in total?

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    Does it not usually come as a package?
    cottage, bills paid, insurance, car etc.... I'd take a drop in wages for the lifestyle.
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    Don't mention the "T" word?

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    18,000 to 35,000 depending on many factors such as size of estate, number of staff under him, landowners wealth, other duties etc. A lot also depends on how much the Head Stalker was willing to negotiate at the time he was employed as this is often the only chance he will get to influence his own salary. He will generally get a house rent and poll tax free but, again, this may vary from a cave to a mansion. A vehicle will generally be provided; it is normally acceptable to use this for a sensible amount of private mileage. Often work will be found for his partner.

    Those are the things that are not really confidential as they can generally be found in job adverts or application packs. What is more personal is the fact that many Stalkers have certain other benefits/tips/opportunities etc; this is their business not ours.

    Hope that this helps.


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    Yes I believe it does.
    I was just looking for a ball park figure, as with a lot of 'lifestyle' jobs the actual pay is quite low. I know that in agriculture many actually work below the minimum wage once you take into account all the extra hours worked for free.

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