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    Is it possible to buy 45-70 ammunition in this country?? and if you can do you know of a supplier. I often see ammo for sale in auctions has anyone any experience of buying at auction.


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    .45-70 is readily available in the U.K. though most of it is probably for target shooting use rather than for sporting use. Buying ammunition at a gun auction is no different to buying it from a regular dealer. Sometimes you can get lucking and buy new factory ammo at a fraction of the normal price but usually people at auctions for some unknown reason pay well over the odds for ammo and seem happy to do so. You need to be aware that while illegal sometimes reloaded ammo is sold through auctions and you could literally be taking your life in your hands buying someone else's reloads.
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    you should be able to order it at your local gun shop, failing that, get intouch with martyn52 on here, he doesnt have any problem with buying it..

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    Hornady lever-revolution is readily available from reputable wholesalers.
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