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Thread: Nottingham .243 ammo

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    Nottingham .243 ammo

    Hiya, I'm off to Nottingham next weekend, and want to stock up on .243while I'm there...Privi would do fine.. I'm allowed to buy 100 and hold 200, so, dont want to travel too far from junc 24/5 on the M1........found an RFD that does them for about 10 a box, but too far away in Northampton...any ideas where to get them in the Midlands...?

    I'm paying 16 a box right now, so, would like cheaper...obviously..

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    could always try the countryman of derby.....i dont think thats too far from there

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    Hi Norrie , the countryman of derby does Privi , his shop is 10 mins from jct25 of the M1, also Simpsons of shepshed do a good range
    of ammo and rifles they are 10 mins from jct 24.ATB U71

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    Thanks guys, great info..... my Bro works in Derby, so not far at all.... I'll report back when i get home...

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