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Thread: Help & Advice Needed

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    Help & Advice Needed

    Having only just joined the Deer Stalking Directory Forum I feel a liitle embarrassed to come steaming in with the following request.
    I am no stranger to field sports in general. I breed,train & handle labs and spaniels in the shooting field,run them in trials and pick up on my local high and low ground shoots.I'm a Salmon fisherman,worked as a ghillie on the River Tay for 10 years from 1983-93 and I frequent the Rivers Tweed,Dee and others as often as my finances allow.I have also done some part time gamekeepering.
    What I am a complete novice in is Deer Stalking although I have a fairly good general knowledge on the UK species of deer and my quarry recognition is OK.
    It's my 50th birthday next year and in brief I want to have a coupe of days Red Deer stalking (Stags) in Scotland to celebrate.It's always been an ambition of mine to go deer stalking and I'm leaving it a little late maybe but better late than never. I want to incorporate the stalking into a sporting week/break for myself and 3 other friends as I also want to have a couple of days Salmon fishing too.
    I'm thinking October so I can witness the rut at it's peak. So the question is,can you give me any advice,contacts or recommendations as to somewhere where I might be able to fulfil my ambition.
    As I worked on the Tay I've got this thing about Perthshire but I'm open to any suggestions.
    Thanks in anticipation...

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    Tried to dop you a PM but having browser problems so if it didn't work take a look at the following and see if that might suit you, certainly something different. There is a stag stalking report about half way down the first page of the thread:

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    contact the solwaystalker on here
    highly recommended

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