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Thread: Help with first rifle

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    Help with first rifle

    Hi all
    I have been looking at a secondhand sako 85 with a laminate stock as my first rifle. the guy at the shop said it was 2 year old and has fired around 200 rounds
    There are a few marks on the stock which could be sanded out, but on the barrel were the end of the reflex mod has been rubbing the stainless has gone shinny
    Does this rubbing coineside with a rifle with this little use or has it had more use than he is telling me
    Regards rich

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    By shinny you mean the blueing has wornn away and there's now a silver ring? Seems alot of wear for only 200 rounds.

    What calibre is it?

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    The wear is not really a good indicator of how many rounds, more an indicator of haw well it has been looked after. Some would consider the wear by the mod excessive, but if removes it after every stalk and cleand the gun it may have been fitted and removed literally hundreds of times.
    Two hundered rounds could equate to three hundred outings, depending on success rates.
    Then again he could have spent 200 rounds zeroing.
    Just look at it and decide if you are willing to pay the cash. The internal condition of the barrel is the most important thing.
    Final point, many consider the 75 a better built rifle, these may also be available for fewer beer tokens.

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    Have a word with Marcus at John Bradshaws Gunshop (near Oundle Northants) He has one in stock and will be able to advise. 01832 226376

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    Thanks for the quick replys guys
    Thats right scot, The cal is 243, the trouble is the gun is 200 mile away from me, the chap has sent me some pics of it
    It's the gun I want at the price I can afford just not 100% sure about the condition

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    if your not sure then dont buy. ive had guns that i thought were just what i wanted and ignored the little touchs that you gloss over when excited about buying. its only in the cold light of day after a few days that the little niggels come to the fore and your never quite happy with it. there are lots of rifles out there and the right one will come along.

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    I think that's probably sage advice from pj1. When I first got my ticket (two years ago) I was very keen to get a rifle and I came close to making a bad choice with a few. The calibre you want is one of the most popular in the UK. There are plenty about. When I looked there were about 40 Sako .243's on Guntrader.

    If you're looking at secondhand it might be worth giving Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting a call. He can source rifles and he sells a lot of Sakos. He is a fair old poke from Loughborough, but he has a superb reputation for quality. He is very particular about what he sells and you can be assured that if you travel to see a gun it will be as described. You can also try it out on Steve's range.

    I'm near Burton. If the desire to shoot a Sako gets too much you can come and have a go with one of mine !!!

    Take care,


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    Never believe anything anyone tells you about second hand rifles, they always have had "only 100 rounds" through them. I can honestly say I think i had that through mine in the first week.

    Because they have stated "only 200 rounds" it probably means it has had a fair bit of use.

    If you understand the flexibility of this you can make an informed decision, otherwise ask to see the sellers FAC because that will show how much ammo they have been buying

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    Plus one for Steve Beaty at Ivythorn,he recently sold me my Sako 85 bavarian in .243,it is better than he described and as new,sent on approval without payment to my RFD.
    He does source and sell quality guns,ive bought guns that are well used before and theres always that nagging could have done better feeling.
    Buy the best you can get,you will have it for a long time if its a good one.

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    If the barrels been cleaned and looked after 2000 rounds isnt a problem , if the guns been bouncing about a landrover cab for 6 months it could be old before its time , check the crown and bore scope it if you can

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