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Thread: tikka695 barrel

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    tikka695 barrel

    Hi -All I have finally got my 695 rebarreled. I have kept the old 9.3x62 barrel which i believe is 16 tpi x 1 inch. I want to use this barrel to build up another rifle. What actions could it potentially fit? I understand the ruger 77 is possible? What are the zkk action threads?
    Any ideas very much appreciated!!!!

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    Think you will find the thread is actually .990" x 16 TPI.

    it will fit another Tikka and some Sako's, however, its not as simple as screwing it bonto an action, headspace will certainly have to be checked and corrected.

    As far as other makes of actions, I cant say what a Ruger tenon is, but it would certainly be undersize for the US custom actions which are usually 1.0625" x 16 or 18 TPI.

    Remingtons - 1.0625"x 16TPI

    Also bear in mnd the barrel shank will be 1.120" or similar in diameter, for the Sako and Tikka actions, if you try and fit the barrel to a Remmy, it will be undersized - their barrel diemeters are 1.250"

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    Hi - Redmist, many thanks for the feed back. So what are the possiblities with using a remy action? and will the barrel fit an L61R Finnbear action?

    Many thanks - K

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