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Thread: A small introduction before I begin posting in earnest!

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    Smile A small introduction before I begin posting in earnest!

    Hi there guys and girls.

    My name is Paul. I'm 19 and currently living in Bristol, where I have lived since birth! I have been shooting since I was 10, both clay pigeon shooting with a 12 bore O/U Beretta and air rifle shooting with a Logun S-16. I am now looking forward to taking the next step up to firearms. I have already joined BASC and I am happy to be a member and really enjoying the magazines!

    I am waiting on an officer to come out and inspect my gun safe/ammo safe and house security. I am booked on to take part in the DSC1 course in Cornwall towards the end of April which, when I complete, I will be issued my FAC/SC co-terminous ticket which I have requested have the following calibres: .243, .270 and .308 all of which are for deer stalking and, of course, a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting and maybe game shooting too one day.

    I have sent off numerous applications to join small bore rifle clubs near where I live, one I have paid but I am on the waiting list and waiting for e-mails from another two. I am a student so I have plenty of time to practice. I am looking to eventually entering small bore competitions representing the club. I also wish to join a full bore shooting club. When I am accepted as a member to a small bore club I intend to apply for a variation to add both .22 LR self-loading and bolt action rifles for different competitions.

    In 2009 I had a serious accident which resulted in me breaking both my thighs, my neck, my back and a few other things which has left me partially disabled and with other issues. Before this my main hobbies were sports and racing, now I can't really do those so I am reducing those and moving towards my first hobby love, shooting. I was introduced by my Uncle at a young age and loved it ever since.

    There is not a lot I enjoy more than shooting with someone whom I trust and has much more experience than I as I have no end of respect for some of the truly great marksmen I've met so far and I always look forward to meeting more, hopefully I may even meet some of you on here!

    If anybody knows some game dealers near or around Bristol which like to receive deer or certain/any species please do let me know. I am not too interested in the price as with stalking I like to keep some for myself and my family and the rest I will sell to game dealers or anyone around Bristol that would like to buy it from me after a stalk as I have no place to store them effectively so I don't mind selling them at whatever price people are willing to give as long as there are people around here that will enjoy them like we will.

    Has anyone done a DSC1 course before? Is it good fun and enjoyable? I am studying all the material I have been sent which is quite interesting and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I look forward to speaking with you all and getting to know you. It's a pleasure to meet you all.

    Cheers! .
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    Now that is a good introduction.
    Many of the people on here have done the DSC1 and enjoyed it. Just read all the info and take it in.
    You seem quite happy that you will be stalking and bringing home decent quantities of venison. Do you already have land to stalk over? If not this can be much harder than you may think to obtain.
    Your initial FAC aplication seems to be quite bold, but aim for a penny aim for a pound. As for asking for a variation, I am not sure, but think that if you ask before your FAC is issued it will not count as a variation and therefore not incur any cost.
    Let us know how you get on.

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    Welcome to the site, that is a comprehensive plan I hope it goes as well as you hope. I think your initial application is a bit bold, you are requesting three deer calibre rifles and then intend to apply for a variation for 22 LR at a later date, this is not the usual way of doing things. I think doing your level 1 is a good idea, and if your uncle has stalking ground is going to be your mentor that is also a bonus, if not it may not be quite as straightforward as you think. From your initial description of what you want I think a different selection of calibres would be a more prudent and successful approach, maybe just one centrefire and one rimfire might be a better approach. Apply for all that you want in the initial instance but be prepared to negotiate, I wish you well.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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